Cardiffians revamped at rags to robes swap

This week ‘Koko Gorillaz’ hosted Revamp, Cardiff’s first giant clothes swap carnival, where clothes lovers exchanged their unwanted clothes for points and points for other participant’s old clothes.  More than just a clothes swap, the evening aimed to entertain and educate with peddle powered bingo, sewing workshops and live band.  

Revamp was advertised on Facebook and MySpace as

“A unique night of swapping clothes, exchanging skills and finding inspiration, all whilst barely parting with a penny… Certainly not your average night out!” 

 VIDEO: Play interviews from the night

The event was organised by Rebecca Revamp.  She said:

“We wanted to put on a night where people go away with more than just a hang over… we wanted this to be a bit of an education and attract lots of people.  We’re trying to illustrate to people how they can live sustainably, not just through reusing their old clothes and making them into something fabulous, that feels new to them, but also that energy needs to be sustainable and that a bike can actually power things”

Revamp flyer

Revamp flyer

As the 6pm opening neared, the guests, mainly ladies, eagerly queued down the venue’s stairs and even spilt out into the street.  

When the doors were finally flung open and bargain hunters flooded in, they were greeted by a grand, red chandeliered room and brightly coloured carnival of clothes rails.  Flashing fashion images were projected onto the far wall and the rails swarmed with ladies intent on picking up a treasure.

photo by

Bargain hunters (photo by

Liv Harris discovered the event after seeing it advertised on a poster, when asked what she thought was special about the night, she said

“It’s great.  The stuff you never wear is someone else’s find”

Jessica Batemen another clothes swap enthusiast said

“There are really great workshops here, loads of sewing machines, ribbon and people who can teach you to customise and recycle things that you’ve found.  There was also a really great fashion show with loads of recycled clothes made out of scraps – things like old duvets and old mens suits turned into dresses”

Hayley Tresise of the ‘Raggedy’ label who contributed to the night’s fashion show said 

“I make clothes out of recycled materials and have done fashion shows before, but never been to a night like this!”

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3 Responses to “Cardiffians revamped at rags to robes swap”

  1. Re-Becca Re-Vamp Says:

    Thanks so much for the Re-vamp article and video footage – it was fantastic to be able to look back on the night and see what people really thought about the event! It was such a success that it looks like there will be another Re-Vamp in March 2009! Hopefully see you there for more swapping fun! Thanks again xxx

  2. Dave Says:

    Always nice to see the word ‘raggedy’ , made me think of a song I heard. Very glad to find it on youtube, too.

    Joe Tex, ‘Skinny Legs’

    dancing, bass, good humour, guitar riffs… what more d’ya want?

  3. schmoo Says:

    i am clinically allergic to clothes shopping so this could be the answer, except that i would have to buy some clothes in order to have something to swap. Anyone have a nice winter coat in return for seeing me nude?

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