21.12.08 Smoke without fire

I get home and next door’s alarm is going off, no one lives there.  I call the council and they put me through to the new 101 service for non urgent police calls, they say they will send someone out to check it out.  No one turns up.  

My partner and I go around the back of the house to investigate.  Beside the back gate are several condoms, some faeces, a mattress, the gate is open so we  go in up the garden path to the back door.  The door is locked, but a big foot mark on the door shows that someone has tried to get in. 

It could be an attempted break in.  We call 101 again.  A plain clothes policeman arrives quickly but soon leaves, satisfied that there hasn’t been an actual brake in.  He will try and contact the owners in the morning and suggest they put a new lock on their back gate.  The alarm is still going.


Smoke alarm

Smoke alarm

Eventually a man from the council’s noise pollution department turns up to assess the situation.   He goes away and returns with a locksmith. They get into the house and disable the mains powered smoke alarm.  The alarm stops.


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